November 12, 2018

Indoor pests are troublesome for homeowners. Not only can they damage your home, but they also carry germs that can make you seriously ill. Pests should be taken care of immediately. Get rid of pests both efficiently and safely with the following tips.

If you find rodents in your home, make some changes in your yard. Make it impossible for rodents to live in your yard. Be sure to clean up trash, bushes, debris and weeds around the yard. Don’t let your grass grow too long, and make sure you have a secure lid for your trash cans. The pests will search for another place to rummage if you take these measures.

If you have a bird problem, find where their nest is. If it is a branch on a tree, remove that branch. If it’s the ledge of your roof, put up some roosting spikes. They are sure to make it impossible for the birds to settle down in that locale.

If you’ve seen deathwatch beetles in your home, use insecticide to get rid of them. Many home improvement stores sells spray that you use on wood to repel and kill them. If they’ve caused a lot of damage, the wood may need to be replaced.

If you are having a rat problem, then it is time to invest in some traps. Keeping the areas where they like to hang out clean and free of open food is a great way to deter them, as well. When you find droppings, place the trap there.

If there are pests flying around inside, it’s important to fix the screens around your home. Screens on doors and windows keep both flying and crawling bugs out. It’s important to repair any holes in screens around your home.

Mice have been know to infest campers, RVs and cars that are being stored for the winter. Try natural products to repel these pests first. There are many effective varieties to choose from. Smaller bags of repellent can smell good and are non-toxic. They are quite effective in preventing mice from residing in your camper or RV.

A damp and humid environment is necessary for both silverfish and centipedes to thrive. If you dehumidify your home and reduce its dampness, both of the insects can be repelled. Ensure you clean damp closets and basements. Once the moisture is eliminated, centipedes will not be able to live so readily in your home.

If you have fruit flies inside your home, they may have entered via bad produce. Inspect all your food to see if any of it has turned. If so, get rid of it immediately to get rid of the problem.

Although some areas of your house may look normal, check them anyway. If your house is underground, you might have underground termites. Check on the crawl spaces and basement.

Rats and mice will be attracted to a lot of different types of food. Meats, peanut butter and cheese all work perfectly in rodent traps. Even spoiled food works well in traps, so you can dispose of it this way.

In order to help you keep the pests out, you need to take a look at your plumbing. Keep all of your drains clean and running smoothly in all parts of your house. Pests like roaches and flies like the food stuff that accumulates in these areas. When you’ve cleared your drains, check them every month.

A great way to kill off wasps, bees, and hornets is by using hairspray on them. Hairspray is composed of chemicals that are very effective insect killers. Also, the smell of the chemicals will repel insects, as well.

When trees fall down in the yard, dispose of them. Cut the trunk and the branches for firewood. You can sell it, use it, or give it away. You need to get rid of the stump as well. A stump is simply dead wood, which attracts termites.

If pests keep reappearing after you thought you fixed everything, you better keep looking. You may save lots of money in thrift stores and yard sales, but you may also be bringing home unwanted guests. Check carefully all that enters your house.

Whenever you buy pesticides, make sure you carefully look over the directions on them and always follow them. You will get better results this way, but more importantly, you will be aware of any safety issues. For example, if they recommend that you put down an application each day, do not skip a day. Not properly following the directions on a pesticide can cause you to have to it for several weeks longer than required.

By now, you realize that there are pest control options available to you. Use the tips that apply to your specific problem and learn a few tricks on your own. If your pest problem is beyond your ability to cope, you must enlist professional help. Regardless of what route you decide to take, don’t wait; address your pest problem as soon as possible.

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