Bed Bug Treatment Preparation

Prior to treatment, remove all bedding from the mattresses, gather all linens and all clothing from the areas to be treated, wash and dry them and place them in garbage bags. All items should be removed from the dressers and closets in areas where bedbugs have been found. Vacuum items that are not machine washable and place them in a sealed bin or bag to prevent bedbugs from gaining access. Wipe down all areas with isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

All items that are machine washable- pillows, curtains, stuffed animals, etc. should be washed in hot water and dried using the hottest setting possible They should then be placed in NEW BAGS to avoid recontamination and all used bags should be discarded in an outside trash can.

Keep all items in bags until after the second treatment (approximately 14 days later). Preparations are also necessary for the follow up treatment , so be sure to leave accessible any and all items that you may need in the 2 week period between treatments.

Complete and proper preparation is the key to the successful eradication of bedbugs. The greater the preparations, the more effective the treatment will be. Little to no preparations will result in poor results.

Some upholstered items, such as couches or chairs may need to be thrown out. Let the professional exterminator determine what can be saved. If discarding furniture, spray paint it to discourage someone from bringing it back into your building or their home. Wrap all items to be thrown out completely in plastic prior to moving them out of your home to avoid spreading and re-contamination.

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