August 2, 2019

Billy and Brian were incredible! They came four times to commit genocide on these critters (bed bugs), and that’s really how long it took, not to any fault of theirs, but because we had an Airbnb subletter who was sloppy and irresponsible, and caused the prolonging of the issue even after they sprayed. It’s plausible that our guest was on the one who brought them here. I’ve been in this apt for 10 years never having had any problem like this. Billy and Brian were totally generous with their time, patient with the situation, and even committed to getting the job done by any means necessary without charging us again and again. They are truly men of their word, as they are passionate about eradicating critters from earth. What I loved most about them was their true knowledge and understanding of bed bugs, infestations, and everything creepy and gross that I want to know nothing more about. They gave us prescriptions for home remedies and safe practices to implement moving forward. They were honest about the fact that the inspector dogs are more accurate, though they produce lots of false positives because of bad animal practices from their owners. They were thorough and detail oriented, and sprayed the bejeezus out of our entire apartment. My boyfriend owns a few thousand records, a life times worth of a collection, and he was scared of losing them all. Billy and Brian taught us home made casings for the records that would keep them safe. They were shockingly affordable against the quotes I got from competitors. I really need to be a legit spokesperson for these guys, because they were the shit. They deserve robust business for their true professionalism and great work. Had it not been for these guys, I would be in therapy because of the stress and anxiety of having to deal with this nightmare. I don’t wish this problem on my worst enemy. But should life get beyond your control and you are dealt with this same scenario that I did, please call these guys, and do it right away.