August 1, 2019


Angela was like a friend I already knew. She gave me her home number and said to text her at any time, day or night! She did this, I am sure, because of the state of frenzy bugs can put people in. When I told her my progress at home with a certain horrifying and spread like wildfire bug, yes BED BUGS, she texted that she was proud of me and I glowed like a praised child. In the end, my landlord paid (as I think is law) for a different company to come. But still Angela was so kind upon even hearing this.

By the way, I am a success story of eradicating bed bugs by myself (if it is a new infestation you can find them and do this, if you are obsessed, which you will become stat.) True, the other pest control person per my landlord came, but he said he didn’t see any because I had done such a good job. (No bites since, this was a month and a half ago.)

We have a fabric headboard and let me tell you: look into that if you have one, avoid if you do not. At first glance, even LOOKING for the things, I couldn’t see any. Upon obsession, THERE THEY WERE. You must find and kill each one. Go around with a roll of tape, a flashlight, and a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol. Stick each bug or egg (puke, I know) on the tape and roll it up to seal it. Stay up late or set an alarm to find a bug traipsing about and see where it goes: there you will find its little town, where they like to hang out, live, die and breed, and you yourself can then go to town on an eradication spree. They aren’t fast. They move like lady bugs, without the flying. So they’re not so scary. I was lucky to catch them early. But I’m writing this just in case anyone is in a similar situation and wondering if the next few months of their life is going to be hell because bedbugs equal hell. Mine were not! So it is possible to have a little tiny not yet horrible, squashed when obsessive bedbug prob. But if not, call these people. Or, call them anyway. Angela will help you.
Bugs are scary, these people understand and help.