August 2, 2019

NYC Pest Control is the perfect blend of being professional and knowledgeable on the one hand, and affordable and down-to-earth on the other.

We had a bed-bud infestation in our apartment and I did my research online to find the best people to take the job.  I decided to go with NYC Pest Control after corresponding with Angela.  She is super knowledgeable, very personable and helpful, and her company charges significantly less than other local companies I had contacted.

Although my cheap landlord decided to go with “his guy,” who has been uncommunicative and whose effectiveness still remains to be determined, Angela still answered all of my questions — even though she knew we had hired someone else.  She went back and forth with me over email, sending me detailed information as well as a lot of genuine empathy for my situation!

If the problem is not fully remedied by my landlord’s “guy,” I will surely be hiring NYC Pest Control to finish the job.  And I will recommend them to any of my friends if they have a problem in the future.