August 1, 2019

Listen, when you get bedbugs, you enter into a *relationship* with your exterminator that goes beyond blasting those lil bastards into oblivion. Angela, Billy and crew definitely do that while also being professional, supportive, and giving that extra TLC that you need at such a time. They were prompt with follow-up visits and helped out in other ways. One guy came back to patch holes in our walls created when we had to rip out our son’s infested loft bed (oh yeah, it was bad). Another guy, incredibly, schlepped our gorgeous solid-wood headboard down three flights of stairs out to the garbage (like I said, it was bad) — SINGLE-HANDEDLY. I have no idea how, but he did it. That’s the kind of mindset they have at NYC Pest Control. They’re also less expensive than other services. Very satisfied!