August 1, 2019

This review is overdue. In July, I realized that there were bed bugs in my apartment and came to Yelp for a recommendation knowing my landlord couldn’t be trusted and I was too embarrassed to ask friends if they have had a similar problem. I called a few folks but Billy was the first to get back to me and rather than sell me services immediately gave me a step-by-step guide to DIYing my home first to see if that might be enough to control them. As my luck normally dictates, it wasn’t and I called Billy back to make an appointment. He was so easy to work with and we got something scheduled immediately- he clearly knows how to talk to someone on the brink of a bed-bug related meltdown.

Billy came to do the treatment- he was friendly, respectful and informative. He showed me proof of the bugs (that I could never find aside from the bites) so I knew I wasn’t crazy, sprayed quickly and efficiently and left me with piece of mind. He even told me how to care for my dog around the chemicals.  One of his guys came back two week later for the second spray- was just as awesome- and for two months I have been living blissfully bed bug free.

Unfortunately, there seem to be bed bugs in my building- as evidenced by the number of mattresses being thrown out. I recently woke up with some bites. Bed bugs? Mosquito? Not sure. I called Billy immediately and he was once again helpful and understanding. He’s ready to come back as soon as I make the call and I literally couldn’t ask for better service then what I received from the folks at NYC Pest Control.

If you, like me, find yourself crying on your floor in the middle of the night coming to terms with the grossest, more invasive thing you can imagine while furiously Yelping for answers- here is your sign. These are your people!