At NYC Pest, the goal is to provide you with outstanding service. Our team shares the following values and strives to translate these values within our work environment, with our customers, and in our community.
  • Service to the customer above all else
  • Hard work and productivity
  • Continuous improvement, never being satisfied
  • Excellence in reputation, being part of something special
  • Absolute integrity
Did you Know?
Did you know cockroaches trigger asthma?
Did you know termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage every year in the U.S.?
Did you know rodents and ants contaminate food?

Rat Removal

Rats rely on odors in their environment for information about their hierarchy among nest mates, to find food resources, find harborage, avoid predators, find mates, and navigate through their environment.

Ant Control

Ants are the most common problem facing homeowners

Cockroaches Control Service

Have you encountered an insect scurrying across your counter top when you flip on the lights for a midnight snack? Cockroaches can hitchhike into even the cleanest of homes on items as innocuous as your grocery bags.

Seasonal Treatments

Our Spring service is extremely effective in greatly reducing the risk of pests from nesting or becoming established in & on your homes or businesses. Spring is the start of the pest season. Over-wintering insects will start breeding & are now trying to establish nesting areas & are foraging for food & water sources.

Residential Services

A yearly pest plan is designed to control pests at key times of the year, specifically Spring,

Commercial Services

NYC Pest Control, is dedicated to positively contributing to our environment and our community.

Pantry Pest Control Services

A variety of critters fit into the category of pantry pests including beetles,ants,earwigs,weevils and pillbugs, , but the most common species are the Indianmeal moth and merchant grain beetle.

WDI/WDO Inspection

WDI/WDO inspections are required to buy, sell, or refinance a property. Sometimes they’re called a “clearance letter” or a “termite letter”. VA, FHA, HUD and most banks require these reports because termites and wood-destroying organisms can impact the structural integrity of a home, reduce the property value of the residence

Apartment Buildings Are Our Specialty

NYC Pest Control supplies effective means and solutions to your home pest problem, being sure to provide a gentle, safe and healthy approach for your living environment.

Going Green

NYC Pest Control offers Organic Pest Control, Green & Conventional Pest Control, Non-Chemical, Organic Products & Solutions, Exclusion Services to protect you, your family, business and reputation.

Rodents & Wildlife

We are a handful of licensed trappers in Kings County. We are also listed on the DEC’s website. We can also help with raccoon and possum

Bed Bug Specialist

Adult bed bugs are about 3/16″ long, broadly oval and flat. Their color is brown to reddish brown (after feeding) and the upper surface of their body is covered with short golden hairs and emits an “obnoxiously sweet” odor from their scent glands.